Log Hand Saw: Forget Buzz Saw Symphonies

In a world dominated by the high-pitched whine of power tools, a primal rhythm still echoes in the hearts of woodworkers and wilderness wanderers. It’s the steady rasp, the melodic whisper of steel against wood, the symphony of the Read more

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Vintage Hammers: Beyond the Rust

Beneath a layer of dust and the whisper of neglect, within the cavernous recesses of antique shops and dusty attics, slumber forgotten treasures – vintage hammers. Their once-gleaming heads, now dulled by time, and weathered handles, etched with the Read more

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Plumb Axes: Beyond the Splitting Mauler

The image of a burly woodsman wielding a hefty axe, splitting logs with primal force, is iconic. But there’s more to the axe than meets the eye, and the Plumb axe stands as a testament to this multifaceted tool’s Read more

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A Closer Look at the Craftsmanship of Wilton Vises

In the Grip of Innovation

The clang of metal on metal, the whisper of sawdust, the scent of oil and wood polish – these are the melodies of the workshop, and at the heart of the symphony often sits Read more

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The Dovetail Saw

A Dance of Wood and Precision

Picture this: sun dappling through workshop windows, the air thick with the scent of sawdust and pine. Your hands, worn but steady, cradle a slender saw, its thin blade whispering through a block Read more

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